Welcome to the Found Family Farm!

The Farmer's Market If you ate today - thank a farmer!

Enjoy FARM FRESH foods. All our products are raised right here on our own farm.
We feed grain and legumes grown on the farm.
No growth implants or steroids are ever used.
The animals are fed a balanced diet which is maintained with vitamin and mineral supplements.

Roasting Chicken $3.25/lb Brown or White Eggs $3.00/doz
Turkey $3.50/lb
Half $4.25/lb Short Ribs or Back Ribs $3.50/lb
Split Half $4.35/lb Tongue, heart, ox tail $3.50/lb
Beef Patties $5.50/lb Liver and kidney $3.00/lb
Ground Beef $5.00/lb Stewing Beef $5.50/lb
Blade Roast
Chuck Roast
Cross/Short Rib Roast

Blade Steak $8.00/lb
Prime Rib Roast $8.00/lb Rib Steak
Eye of the Round Steak
Striploin Steak
Porterhouse Steak
T-Bone Steak
Sirloin Steak
Sirloin Tip Steak
Rump Roast
Sirloin Tip Roast
Eye of the Round Roast
Tenderloin Steak $12.00/lb Round Steak $9.50/lb
Half or Whole (custom cuts) $2.45/lb Smoked Ham Steak $5.00/lb
Smoked Ham Roast $5.00/lb Pork Tenderloin $5.50/lb
Ham Steak or roast (not smoked) $4.00/lb Shoulder/Butt Roast/Chops $3.50/lb
Ground Pork $3.00/lb Loin Chops $4.50/lb
Farmer Sausage/Breakfast Sausage $4.00/lb Spare/Side/Back Ribs $3.50/lb
Bacon $5.50/lb Butterfly Chops $4.50/lb
Pemeal Bacon $5.50/lb
Please note that at times not all cuts are readily available.
Prices may change as the market dictates.